Opinions at the tipping point

US surveys now show that global warming rank as concern#20, well below the challenges of the recession.  Next up at the list of national tipping points are Australia and New Zealand that also have anti-alarmist books selling like hot cakes. Nordic countries often behave like them down under. So you’d expect Maggie Thauerskiöld’s and Lars Bern’s book “Chill-out” to initiate the anti-warming tipping point in Sweden.  

Norway’s the toughest nut case. However, signs of cracking are showing. Last week the conservative party announced a possible coalition with the Progressive Party, no matter what the other luddite dwarfs in the center might come up with. Energy minister Erik Solheim thinks that AGW is as obvious as Big Bang. Logically enough, since the Big Bang never happened. He’s showing no restraints on smearing the oppostion with nazi innuendo – in a country where a film on the resistance heroes during WW2 is hitting all time high audiences. Way to go, Erik. 

heaven-and-earth-220x312Australian geologist Ian Plimer’s book “Heaven & Earth” is up next on the must read list.

It makes the case that we should fear nature, geology and ice ages more than a nice warm summer.  

Also, Plimer is optimistic humanity will be able to adapt to whatever may lie ahead.

That, I may add, still will take a big upgrade of scientific competence and engineering insights among political leaders.

Update : Carl I Hagen, grand ol’ man of the Progressive Party, takes no prisoners in the Stortinget.


Gräv inte ner kärnavfallet !

Det finns inga atomsopor. Det ”utbrända kärnbränslet” är en ovärdelig strategisk tillgång för framtida teknologier och måste därför tas hand om på samma sätt som om det vore guldreserv eller arvsilver.

SKB kritiseras unisont för råkör i handläggningen. Nu efter årtionden med debatt och förberedelser skall plötsligt allt avgöras : Lokalisering och metod för slutförvar. Man åberopar oblygt kapslingsmetoden KBS3 et teknologisk världsherravälde och arrangerar internationell konferens för potensiella kunder. Blytunga innvändingar från ett samlat KTH om kopparkorrosion och andra relevanta frågor avfärdas med en klackspark utan hårda data. En motion i Sveriges Riksdag och utspel från SSM kräver en oberoende internationell granskning. 

Det är bråttom då vattenbassängen på reaktorplatserna börjar bli fulla. Det ”utbrända bränslet” – häretter Spent Nuclear Fuel (SNF)- lagras temporärt några år för att komme ned i temperatur och strålningsnivå för vidare hantering. Saken måste avgöras snart och fallhöjden är stor. Om inte direkt kris, så måste en plan på plats för handhavande av SNF.

Allmännheten är inte informerad om uranbristen. 30% av dagens reaktorbränsle kommer från dekommissonerade vapen. Uranproduktionen måste dubblas till 2015. Frågan är om gruvkapasiteten verkligen kommer att öka. I mellantiden bränns uranet bort i vattenreaktorerna med en skamlig låg effektivitet på mindre än 1%. Mera än 99% blir SNF.

Att 200 nya reaktorer byggs i tillegg till dagens 450 gör bara uranbristen ändå mera akut. De närmaste titalls år kommer kräva tusentals nya reaktorer globalt. Den rådande teknologin med fasta bränslestavar i vatten är ute av stånd till att leverera. California har lagstadgat förbud emot kärnteknologi som inte löser avfallsfrågan. Stölder av SNF är ett bekymmer men ingen showstopper.

Framtida kärnkraftteknologi kommer att använda utarmat uran och thorium till hög effektivitet. SNF är en helt nödvendig katalysator för att kunna åstadkomma uthålliga bränslecyklar. Att gräva ner SNF är därför att kasta bort nyckeln til framtiden.

En plan för omhändertagande av det svenska ”utbrända kärnbränslet” syftande till använding i framtida reaktorer måste snarast möjligt utarbetas. Goda priser kommer betalas för SNF på denna marknad. Båda Östhammar och Oskarshamn kan få flera arbetstilfällen än va en ren oövervakad begravningsverksamhet bjuder. Teknologiskt är såkallad pyroprocessing för vidare mellanlagring rutin i väntan på en komplett plan. Som ett minimum måste återtag tydligen planeras.

Elling Disen, grundare Thorium ElectroNuclear AB

Barack still has to deliver

So he’s taking no chances and lands on safe ground in 10, Downing Street today. He could have made a splash out of his first foreign visit by going to fex Botswana, an exemplary country on a desperate continent that got most things right despite odds and neighbours. We all have high hopes for Barack but so far he’s only showed a killer instict by sacking Rick Wagoner. Thank you for that, but we need more bold moves.

  •  He knows that the rest of the world does not want to finance America’s spending any more. Geithner’s predator plan to soak up global credit has backfired. The Checks were mad; Angela Merkel says NEIN to more money printing. America’s lifeline is the powerful dollar but they can’t overplay that card. 
  • Sarkozy, the Chinese and others (Kazakstan) want a global currency. If the gullible Darlings ( US and British finance ministers) choose to royally ignore that call, the dollar might be undermined faster than they would like. Sarkozy has even threatened  to boycott the G20 if talks are not focused on establishing global institutions. Thing is : The French are a pain in the ass all right – but they are sometimes spot on damn right, surprisingly often on the Big Issues, see. Question is : What will it take for powerful countries like France, Germany, Japan, Brasil, China and India to just call the anglo-saxon bluff fiat and go for a new global currency ? The French would get the Russians in, the Indians would get the Iranians onboard. So suddenly the City of London collapses as Island and the American Empire reduces to a banana republic. It will not take more than offering the barril in other currencies.
  • At least they said no to geological storage of  spent nuclear fuel at Yucca Mountain.  There’s no such thing as nuclear waste. Neying Yucca was the right decision but probably for the wrong reasons. 
  • The Green Leap Forward will be proven a failure, like the madness with ethanol. If Barack pushes this far enough, it could be a real tragedy along the unresolved financial mess. We’re on that slippary slope from 1929-32 when the Great Depression really set out. 
  • The problem is that the White House allows black hole banking to go on. Geithner’s plan is more credit than structural reform. Fixing America’s oversized and corrupted finance multiheaded troll is not as easy as stabilizing Sweden was. This fact alone pleads in favor of a global currency. Sound assets will be shored up against a Terra and the dollar will be cleaned up at proper gunpoint. When it finally lands somewhere we will have ridden ourselves of bashing Texans and FED-JPMorgan bragging rights in the field of business and finance. 
  • Finally we have the climate charade. We’re now entering the Geronimo phase of hunting down the last Mohikans. We surely hope that the Copenhagen summit will fail. A good way for Barack to show a killer instinct would be to call off the CO2 AGW bullshit NOW. 

0320_michellegardens_460x2761First Climate Luddite : Michelle Obama

AGW-crowd : They are done

Lou “The Jew” Reed has a memorable phrase about whales in “The Last Great American Whale ” on the New York album :  “- just stick a fork in their ass and turn’em over, they’re done.”  

After having spent a couple of weeks diving into the state of the CO2 “Greenhouse” debate (AGW – Anthropogen Greenhouse Warming) and intensely “debating” the C-grader rearguard of this rapidly thinning crowd, the evidence is in, the case closed and all is set for a tragic ending.  

Facts first : Stop the presses- CO2 is actually decreasing. Roy Spencer showed a perfect correlation between temperatures and an index made up of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO)  + the cloud cover. Readers of my ebook would know that the PDO and clouds are strong coolers. There’s simply no empirical room left for CO2 AGW. What’s left to do is to pin down the exact forcing of cloud cover formation by cosmic rays.

Media dynamics second : When the high priests are jumping the protest marches, you know their fork-in-the-ass  moment is near. James Hansen spurs his followers to halt coal plants much the same way as Goebbels promised the Endsieg by Volkssturm. Hansen was in Oslo last week showing pictures of his grandchildren to the Norwegian king while his temperature diagrams tipped excactly the opposite of his predictions. A royal insult if you get my meaning. So many desperate marketing tricks used, so much prestige – so much bang when the tightly blown up balloon bursts.  

Tipping point third :  The showdown seems to come with the Copenhagen climate summit this year. If the Danes are as good as beating up the climate maffia as they were stubborn in defending freedom of the press during the Mohammed drawings debacle, we could be looking at the end of the CO2 charade.  Shockingly, they could get Henrik Svensmark to make the keynote, exhibit their helplessly inefficient wind system and put on display the dirt all around coming from unscrubbed (particles!)  coal burning. If PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen could talk straight from the heart and call off this hysteria before becoming NATO’s general  secretary, he would do humanity a great service.   

Checking up on evidence in favor of AGW this week  left me singularly empty-handed. All diagrams on ice coverage, snow coverage, stratosphere temperatures, ocean temperatures, surface temperatures point to cooling. Papers claiming the contrary are easily debunked as frauds. Best of all, claimed physics behind a CO2 greenhouse is a fairytale from start to end. I’ve met microwave specialists who seem to think that the troposhere is a resonating cavity, people with weltschmerz, researchers who loose their voice when confronted with unconventional solar physics and cosmology. 

aztectotAztech human sacrifice for good climate. 

The world does not seem to have evolved much beyond the point of at least not stabbing contrarians and heretics to death. But paradigms, closed doors, character murders and witchhunt still rule academic science. But all is set for the final curtain of AGW this year. Be patient and Thou Shalt Be Rewarded. 

Open Range

Open Range with Kevin Costner and Robert Duvall is one of my favourite movies. A good western should enlighten us on the moral dilemma on how to behave in a lawless land. What is permitted when there’s no precedence, that inaction is not an option, how to stay modest, self-disciplined and true even in the face of victory and its spoils when the bad guys are gunned down. 

Open Range seems a good metaphor now when the good guys bloggers seem to finally outgun the bad guys mainstream media in a number of controversies.  

  •  The climate bluff seems on the brink to be called. Even powerful sites like the Huffington Post that brought Barack to victory now take in articles on global cooling. The Goracle backs down on his most monstrous lies but what about the rest o’ them ? 
  • Norway experiences unchartered territory when the Progress Party breaks the taboo on immigration. Norway’s Winston Churchill/ Barack Obama – Siv Jensen – just said that a silent moslemification should be checked. Then all hell broke loose even if 70% of voters  are with her.  Mainstream media closets are full of skeletons of insider trades so to say. And it’s not a pretty sight. Fex the Moslem Council in Norway is a monster created by among others Aftenposten, once a conservative organ now hijacked by a shady PC-lobby. Norwegian Moslems would be well advised to elect themselves smarter and more educated spokesmen.  Aftenposten cuts down on their paper editions, Dagbladet will probably disappear this year.  Time for champaign and cigars !  

When the priests in the mainstream media loose control – what happens next ? 

  • The Political Power will have to face the digital universe with their own armour. Bloggers’ ranking is based on such new standards as eloquence, honesty, truth, factseeking, openness and objectivity.  That will be very tough for traditional denialists and natural born liars to adapt to. 
  • Transparency and tracability will set off a revolution in public relations and political debates. Stakeholders who dont proof upfront that they got their facts straight will be turned into laughing stock, ignored and loose any bragging rights. 
  • Long unreadable Sunday edition chronicles will have no audience. Cover up schemes within the infotainment elite or the mediapolitico establishments will no longer be possible.
  • Academic stardom and exclusive scientific foras will die as proven irrelevant. I acknowledge the need for business discretion. The Big Q is how far such discretion should go. At least I can’t see any need to keep finance arrangements secret since no individual can rightfully or meaningfully own billions. But more on that later. 

open-rangeThey just wanted to save their cows but ended up delivering justice all over the place. 

Davos : Anyone with a clue ?

The annual gathering ov VIPs in snowy Davos is starting. During the week power brokers should discuss the pressing issues. But the programme is without any speakers or downloadable presentations. Are they serious ? 

The financial crisis is reported to be the main focus. So you’d expect them to produce intelligent answers to these exact bits of news :

1) James Hansen’s former NASA boss now openly declares himself a skeptic to anthropogen global warming. Is it time to stop this nonsense ?

2) What happened to Hank Paulson’s 200 billion USD in TARP money already injected ? Why should Barack’s 825 billion trickle down when no trickle happened during Clinton and Bush presidencies ? 

3) Will The Natural One (Bill Clinton) admit that the US runs short on uranium ? That production must be doubled within 2015 ?

4) Could anyone explain why banks have the right to collect interest on the debt trillions they created out of thin air ? 

Cynics might say that Davos is a conspiration that aims to maximize the feeling of crisis. The financial/banking web, always in need of fresh meat to feed upon, is now in Bull collecting mode : robbing small investors of their money, dumping stock prices for buyback. 

The key for unlocking is simply openness. We want to know the true state of Saudi oil reserves, Russian gas reserves and global coal. We want transcripts from the inner circle of the FED.  Don’t expect anything like that to come out of Davos. Maybe French writer Herve Kempf was right.  The rich are destroying the planet whether they know it or not.


From Max Keiser’s BBCWorld  show The Oracle

Welcome !

On Barack’s first working day in the Oval Office, inspiration came to start a commentary on our time’s most important issues.

This blog should be about five urgent challenges :

– to launch an energy infrastructure running on thorium

– to start using hydrogen as a fuel but stored as ammonia

– to build transcontinental high speed railways

– to realise that global cooling is upon us

– to fix the global financial system

There will be roughly one post per week.