We love you Nabintu

Just when you thought that sociology, anthropology, history, metaphysics, child nursery – you name it, all of humanities and medicine – had forever been hijacked by marxist gender science gangsters, a blond take-no-prisoners sharp-tongued bombshell explodes on the miserable scene of Scandinavian political correctness. She is Hanne Nabintu Herland and her message is basically that socialdemocratic countries are set for a catastrophy. Marxism, atheism, mulitculturalism, vanishing work ethics, relativism, nanny state helplessness all point to that our societies are not sustainable ( haha, the ennemy´s language) Her book is “Alarm”.

And she looks like Pamela.


“Freedom of expression” you bet

After a long period of silence that can be conveniently blamed on our beautiful daughter, Ill get rid of some grudge I hold against our ruling class : the journalists   Triggered by the ridiculous book by Flemming Rose, the pompous editor of Jyllandsposten, published to illustrate and to uphold the sacrosaint principle “freedom of the press” by printing a banal sketch of Mohammed the prophet, I´m reminded by the excellent outcry by kernel Nicholson in the film “Code Red” in the face of naive lieutenant played by Tom Cruise : ” The truth ? Son, you cant handle the truth ! ”

Fact is that so many heretic truths have been proven that fly in the face of official PC agendas. Let me just start filling in the list :

  1. Anthropogen Global Warming has been disproven on the sound ground of  satelite measurements and basic physical principles.
  2. Green or renewable energy is a scam.
  3. UFO sightings are commonplace. We are as a species and a planet engaged by extraterrestrials. The US Air Force knows all about it.
  4. UFO propulsion technology turn conventional physics on its head.
  5. Breast cancer has a lot to do with abortion.
  6. Wall Street scoundrels are behind the financial unrest for the last 20 years.
  7. The Earth has expanded and increased its mass the last 300 million years.

No, I´m not nuts. The point is that journalists have to do much better than publishing a pencil sketch before yelling about “freedom of the press”.

Kernel Nicholson loud and clear.