The climate alarmists’ command center, East Anglia Climate Research Center – nicknamed Hadley CRU – has had its server hacked. 1003 emails and 72 docs shared between the main IPCC figures reveal fraud, conspiracy and manipulation of peer-review.

Searchable mails

Bishophill on highlights

Telegraph’s Delingpole on consequences

















To be continued : Criminal fallout of ClimateGate


Thorium tutorial online

I’ve just finished a new ebook on thorium and molten salt reactors.

“Tutorial : Thorium &

Molten Salt Reactors”

Download tutorial

Citigroup claims nuclear UK too expensive

We knew there had to be a limit somewhere. The latest benchmark, Finlands 5th reactor, Olkilouto3, is heading for a grand total of 6000 million € for an installed output of 1.6 GWe.

Even if the UK Govt covers costs of land, waste management and decommision, the sheer sum puts a private financier in too much risk.  At 65€ per MWh, a non-planned stop in revenue might put the operator in peril, Citigroup states. Add to that picture the emergence of subsidised so-called renewables, a tighter regulatory fallout from 9-11 and  the uncertainty of uranium supply over plant life.

Source : NyTeknik (Swedish)

Olkilouto3 now billing 6000 million €.

So another brick in the wall towards molten salt reactors….


Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead

So with the frustration of defeat in Norwegian parliamentary elections consummated – I’m going to post regularly on the issues of molten salt reactors, the nuclear energy business and thorium.  Climate is adequately covered by now when the Copenhagen summit is confirmed to be anything but substance.

The opposition on Sept 14 lost due to a lack of a credible coalition. Only some 4000 votes lacking for the smallest liberalist-agrarian-urban-weltschmerz ( yes, it’s as scizofrenic as it sounds ) party Venstre shoehorned the incumbant socialdemocrats into another 4 years. I’m not going to repeat my dire prediction in English.

But thorium is not going away for a measly little local political setback. Let the words af Admiral Farragut set the tone.

The definitive portrait of Admiral David Glasgow Farragut during the Battle of Mobile Bay.