Petition : Reclaim 2007 Peace medal to Al Gore !

The Nobel Committee surely recognizes its unique role for setting global trends. The 2007 award sparked off powerful initiatives to cut CO2 emissions. If carried out, proposed shifts in industry and infrastructure might seriously undermine capacity to deliver relevant quantities of energy and heat during the coming period of global cooling. To minimize human suffering during a New Little Ice Age, the Nobel Committee must disregard all other formal concerns and use its influence to reverse unintended consequences triggered by the 2007 medal.

Millenial solar gearshift : In continuous limbo for the last two full years, our almighty benefactor, the Sun, has announced the coming of its millenial pause. A similar gearshift announced the end of the Medieval Warm Period and the onset of the so-called Little Ice Age. Granted, back in 2007 the exact timing of the New Little Ice Age could not have been foreseen but a prudent forecast would at least have global cooling setting in around 2030. Cooling at record rates can unravel at any time during an exceptionally weak Solar Cycle #25. Consequences are extreme weather events, crop failures and technical disruptions. Social unrest and welfare disruptions could follow.

Disastrous energy policies : Banning residential oil burners, no new refineries, no new elephant fields and pipeline geopolitics don’t bode well for the petroleum business. Wind generators might become useless in radically changed weather patterns. Solar panel output would dwindle under a constant cloud cover. Scarce engineering resources should be unleashed on Apollo-style nuclear energy projects and not on futile efforts in putting the CO2 spirit back in the bottle. Eminent scientists have falsified Anthropogen Greenhouse Warming, rigorously and irrevocably, employing multiple and independent methodologies.

Petition :  The precautionary principle is often abused and misunderstood. However, in this case it’s relevance can’t be overstated. Dismantling efficient and proven infrastructure worth its weight in gold during a cold spell must be stopped. Notwithstanding improbable timing and ironic turn of events,  the Nobel Committee must get its act together and deploy all its prestige to correct the unfortunate direction taken upon the 2007 award to Al Gore. Stakes simply outweigh any personal and formal considerations. Addressing the global stage, the Nobel Committee must regret awarding the 2007 prize to Al Gore and reclaim the medal.

Respectfully yours

Prestige at stake

Prestige at stake


To the last drop

Researcher Helge Ryggvik with Oslo University has written a book  “To the last drop” (Norwegian) where he drops a grenade into the gathering storm of  Sept. 14th’s parliamentary elections : at current production rate, verified oil reserves per this day run out in just 8.8 years. These numbers jump in the face of slumbering party spokesmen preparing their bid to voters for burning more oil money. In the instant cuckling voters are pressed to disect  insightful comments from charlatans.  Here’s a help :

1) There are several probable elephant fields undiscovered in the North Sea, courtecy the theory of abotic origin of oil.

2) Globally, Peak Oil is a fait accompli because of oil fields unaccessible to International Oil Companies and no investments in refinery capacity, not because oil is “fossil” and therefore fundamentally limited.

3)  Discovery and verified reserves per business-as-usual will add to these 8.8 years.

4) Norway’s economy is completely addicted to keeping up the well pressure AND to raking in fond dividends.

So politicians are caught in the process of coping with large numbers, uncertain models, longterm decisions and complex processes simultaneosly. Confusion reigns and accusations run high that the national capricorn is in danger as it was when the oil fund lost 600 billion NOK during the financial crunch. Here are hints :

a) Keep full steam ahead on unconventional but faster and more precise abiotic prospecting

b) Reduce current addiction by reducing cost level, bureaucrazy, benefits, taxes and customs and by encouraging alternative competitive industry

c) Pace investment for production according to verified reserves

The goal is the ever-current level of activity, welfare and salary; not a paper fond in the future.


Last drop is still far away since oil is abiotic.

IPCC lied about CO2-content as well

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