I’m no better catholic than admitting to a personal grudge as just another reason to get the current Norwegian Govt thrown out of office. Parliementary elections take place Sept 14th. There are plenty obvious and perfectly honorable reasons to get rid of nilly willy PM Jens Stoltenberg and his all-time-low crew in addition to this one ; which is personal.

In 1994-96 I moved back and forth between Norway and Sweden. I had only a motorbike at the time and wanted to sell it on Norwegian plates. The paperwork obstacle presented by the dreaded customs service was incomprehensible but finally it got thru. Then the shock : For some fine-print paragraph that I still don’t understand a team of police spied on my parents’ house for the bike. They found it at the sellers place and just brought it in for auctioning. Horrified for not being noticed and treated like a criminal I yelled my way back to my property and managed to take back it to Sweden. Pissed off I took the case to the  EFTA court and I was told that just some prescription stopped it from a favourable prosecution againt Norway.

So it turns out that former PM Gro Harlem Brundtland has committed a bunch of criminal offenses :  She claim to have shifted residence from Norway to Switzerland in 1998 and then to France in 2004. These rules are extremely strict since they determine taxation and property rights. She has most probably never qualified for foreign residence and should therefore have been paying taxes to Norway all these years.

Stoltenberg is clearly nervous about this and Gro Harlem will stay out of  the election campaign. However if Gro is not duly prosecuted and jailed, as all other humble voters, at least there’s a sweet aftertaste for me if her buddies are finally reduced to political irrelevance this autumn. And don’t forget she started the climate BS as well.