Davos : Anyone with a clue ?

The annual gathering ov VIPs in snowy Davos is starting. During the week power brokers should discuss the pressing issues. But the programme is without any speakers or downloadable presentations. Are they serious ? 

The financial crisis is reported to be the main focus. So you’d expect them to produce intelligent answers to these exact bits of news :

1) James Hansen’s former NASA boss now openly declares himself a skeptic to anthropogen global warming. Is it time to stop this nonsense ?

2) What happened to Hank Paulson’s 200 billion USD in TARP money already injected ? Why should Barack’s 825 billion trickle down when no trickle happened during Clinton and Bush presidencies ? 

3) Will The Natural One (Bill Clinton) admit that the US runs short on uranium ? That production must be doubled within 2015 ?

4) Could anyone explain why banks have the right to collect interest on the debt trillions they created out of thin air ? 

Cynics might say that Davos is a conspiration that aims to maximize the feeling of crisis. The financial/banking web, always in need of fresh meat to feed upon, is now in Bull collecting mode : robbing small investors of their money, dumping stock prices for buyback. 

The key for unlocking is simply openness. We want to know the true state of Saudi oil reserves, Russian gas reserves and global coal. We want transcripts from the inner circle of the FED.  Don’t expect anything like that to come out of Davos. Maybe French writer Herve Kempf was right.  The rich are destroying the planet whether they know it or not.


From Max Keiser’s BBCWorld  show The Oracle


Welcome !

On Barack’s first working day in the Oval Office, inspiration came to start a commentary on our time’s most important issues.

This blog should be about five urgent challenges :

– to launch an energy infrastructure running on thorium

– to start using hydrogen as a fuel but stored as ammonia

– to build transcontinental high speed railways

– to realise that global cooling is upon us

– to fix the global financial system

There will be roughly one post per week.